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Basic Services:

For pianos which have received annual service the cost for basic tuning is $175. Special pricing is available for institutions with multiple pianos.

Minimum service charge or written repair estimate: $100.

The following packages have been designed with the goal of providing services beyond just basic tuning for pianos that are less than about fifty years old. I reserve the right to vary these prices as necessary, particularly if extensive repair or parts replacement is necessary.

Basic Catch Up Service:

If three to five years have passed since the last time your piano was serviced it will likely need more than just routine tuning. Catch Up Service will generally include pitch raising, fine tuning, tightening of accessible action screws, adjusting and lubrication of pedals. An economical way to get your piano up and running. Cost: $225

Full Service:

For pianos which receive heavy use or have been neglected for a number of years. In addition to tuning, other services are performed on a prioritized basis and may include pitch raising, interior cleaning, tightening of loose action screws, easing tight keys, hammer/action alignment, lubrication, minor action regulation, etc. Full Service gets your piano sounding good and performing reliably. Highly recommended. Approximately two hours. Cost: $260

Super Service:

The action of a grand piano is much more complex and sensitive than that of the upright. In order to maintain peak performance, every grand piano should occasionally receive a Super Service call.  Depending on the amount of use it is subject to this might be once every five to fifteen years. In addition to everything listed under full service, Super Service may include cleaning sounboard/tuning pin areas, bedding keyframe, resetting hammer stroke, let-off, repetition spring adjustment, cleaning/lubrication of knuckles, damper timing, voicing, etc. Super Service is designed to gain optimal sound and performance from your grand piano. Approximately three hours. Cost: $350


Will bring your older piano as close as possible to new condition short of rebuilding. This option should be seriously considered if your piano is more than fifty years old, has extensive breakage, or has serious performance problems.  Routinely included are interior cleaning, lubrication, repairs, hammer resurfacing/voicing, pitch raising/tuning, action regulation, key recovering, rebushing, and full or partial restringing. Because reconditioning is a very thorough procedure and may require extensive repairs or parts replacement, prices quoted are minimums. A firm price can only be determined after inspection.
Cost for upright pianos: $800 & up. Grands: $1,200 & up.

Dampp-Chaser Climate Control:

Complete 5 part system for uprights: $590

6 part system for grands: $690

Dehumidifier and humidistat only: $345

It is not possible to list a price for every conceivable piano repair, or to include all of those repairs as part of a package. This is largely custom work and any of theses packages may or may not be right for your piano. Please get in touch and we can discuss your particular situation to decide which services will best meet your needs.


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