Action Regulation - Johnston Piano

For over thirty-five years, I have worked as a full-time, piano tuner and technician. In addition to private homes my clients include many piano teachers, recording studios, schools, libraries, churches, assisted living facilities and other institutions. My piano tuning and repair services are available in the Merrimack Valley area, Massachusetts’ North Shore, and Southeastern New Hampshire.

I am pleased to be a Registered Piano Technician and that most new customers come to me by referral from someone they know and trust. My personal goal as a piano tuner is to provide the highest quality of service possible to each piano, whether it is a valuable grand in a concert setting, a modest spinet in the family room, or your grandmother’s old upright.

Tuning is the most requested piano service. However, the piano is a complex instrument and can need hundreds of different repairs, action regulation, voicing, and sometimes humidity control.

For more information about piano tuning and repair services, please contact me, or, visit the FAQ page.